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Midwifery Care Package


($500 discount if paid in full by 35 weeks)

Package includes all prenatal appointments, labor support, delivery, birth supplies (includes birth pool) and postpartum visits. 

Also includes:
- Childbirth Education Class (a $75 value) & Breastfeeding Class
- Unlimited phone, email and text support throughout your care
- Doula techniques proven to help enhance and shorten the labor and childbirth process
- Breastfeeding/lactation guidance
- Postpartum recovery support
- Belly binding
- $100 dollars off Placental Encapsulation (originally $200)

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Placenta Encapsulation


We pick up your placenta within 24 hours of the birth and drop off the capsules before you are 3 days postpartum. During the encapsulation process, your placenta is cleaned, steamed with herbs, and dehydrated before placing the powder into capsules.

During pregnancy, your body grows an entire baby and an organ. But did you know that there is anecdotal evidence that consuming your placenta after giving birth can help replenish your nutrients and balance hormones? Many new parents notice a drastic difference in their mood after taking their capsules. 

Other reported benefits include:
- Balancing your hormones
- Increasing your energy levels
- Enhancing your milk supply
- Decreasing the likelihood of 'baby blues'
- Reducing postpartum bleeding
- Speeding up postpartum healing
- Replenishing your iron levels

*(An extra $50 charged for immediate pick up)

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Doula Services for Hospital Birth


As a trained Birth and Postpartum Doula I will support you and your partner throughout the labor process, and guiding you through all the stages of labor & delivery. I have tips and tricks that make the birthing process quicker and smoother, as well as provide emotional, physical and spiritual support. I can be an advocate for you in promoting your birth plan, ensuring you get the birth you deserve! 

Doula Services also include: 
- Two prenatal appointments & Childbirth Education Class (a $75 value)
- Unlimited phone and email and text support throughout your care
- On-call care starting at 37 weeks until your baby is born
- Labor support from the time you need extra support to 2 hours postpartum
- Breastfeeding/lactation guidance
- Postpartum follow up visit where we chat about your birth, offer newborn care, postpartum recovery support, breastfeeding aid and I give you a special keepsake

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